New initiatives in the world of academics

We have continued our academic links with the #1 business school in Belgium; Vlerick Business School, with campuses in Brussels, Ghent and Leuven for a further year.

In preparation for a potential study trip to Asia, students from various Masters programmes received a course of three seminars on business in China, focusing on purchasing, sales and business protocol.

Exceptionally, and for reasons related to the pandemic that rendered inter-campus travel impossible, we offered the ‘Global Sourcing’ course to Bachelor students at the Toulouse Business School Barcelona Campus on two separate occasions this academic year.

We have equally offered an online seminar focusing on the ‘Do’s and Don’ts when Sourcing in China’ in collaboration with Global Business school Barcelona, which is a business school gaining in importance in Spain.

This  initiative took place within the module called ‘Importing and Exporting in a Global Market’.

We repeated the same two courses as last year at the IQS School of Management, part of the prestigious Ramón Llull University.

These are namely, ‘International Trade’ in the Bachelor of Marketing programme and ‘Selling to Corporations’ programme, part of the Bachelor in Business Administration.

At the prestigious EAE Business School, we taught a webinar on ‘Industrial Marketing vs. Consumer Marketing’.

The event was very well-received and made an impression on Twitter and LinkedIn, under #marketing.

Finally, we renewed our annual collaboration agreement with the renowned ESERP Business School, teaching the ‘Global Markets’ module.

This subject is part of the Masters in Marketing and Commercial Management programme.

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