1. Sourcing projects for machinery and technical equipment

In the previous edition of the S3 Newsletter we highlighted various sourcing projects related to machinery and technical equipment in general.

S3 has never been very involved with sourcing projects for this market area over the years simply because of the challenges involved in follow-up and after-sales service.

However, for various reasons we have seen a significant increase in demand and with the team ready and prepared nowadays, we continue to work on a number of initiatives in this regard.

During the last quarter we have been involved with the production, inspection and delivery of rice grinding machines and general grinding equipment.

a) Rice grinding machine

b) Grinding equipment

Furthermore, the customer of these machines has commissioned us for the search and selection of rice starch for use in cosmetics production, so we now also supply a considerable amount of this raw material from China.

c) Rice starch

2. Production, inspection and delivery of materials for NGO in Latin America

We are participating in a new project purchasing a wide range of items required by an NGO in Latin America in line with similar initiatives over the past decade.

There are far too many products of different varieties to showcase them all in this S3 Newsletter, but we can, at the very least, share a small representative selection of them with you here.