More than 15 years of carrying out internationalization projects

Sourcing. Export. Consultancy and Training.

Strategic Sourcing Solutions, SL was born in 2003 with Head Offices in Barcelona, dedicated to industrial sourcing services for Spanish companies in China.

In 2010, the geographical scope and range of activities was extended to other markets and activities to include offering consultancy, export and market development services.

In recent years, as S³ Group, the company has established itself as the partner of excellence for its clients with an extensive range of internationalization services, with additional offices in LondonShanghai and Hong Kong.

Range of Services and resources

  • Industrial sourcing in China, India and Southeast Asia for European countries.
  • Export services and market development.
  • Internationalization consultation services.
  • Geographic expansion: Asia and Latin America

    Geographical expansion to other Asian and Latin American countries spotlighting new activities in Brazil, Mexico, etc.

    International Commercial Presence

    Commercial presence in Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Brazil and other countries in order to offer customers a wider geographical range within the specialism of S³.


    Tom Van der Heyden

    Tom Van der Heyden  blank

    Born in Antwerp in 1965, Tom Van der Heyden is a Belgian citizen and speaks English, French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, and Dutch.

    He holds an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona and has extensive experience in commercial and marketing management in industrial, logistics and outsourcing companies.

    He was one of the co-founders of S³ in 2003 and is currently the CEO and major Partner of S³ Group.

    Commercial Presence

    Europe, Asia and Latin America

    One of the pillars of the growth of S³ throughout its history has been its ability ‘to be at home‘ in its respective markets.

    With the aim of providing a professional service, without excessive risk to the customer, it is essential to have a close presence both where the customer is, as well as where the partner is located, at the other end of the process.

    S³ currently has an established business presence in Europe, Asia and Latin America, so that customers, manufacturers, distribution chains, etc., always have a professional partner nearby.

    If you are interested in knowing your nearest business partner or if you would like to be an S³ Business Partner, contact us.

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    Corporate social responsibility

    “Les enfants des rues” Project

    Every year S³ supports the “Communauté du Chemin-Neuf” in Kinshasa, the capital of the democratic Republic of Congo, where Jean-Pierre Godding works tirelessly each day with his team, to help an  average of 250 street children; boys and girls thrown out of their own homes and abandoned to their fate.

    Thanks to this community, they receive clothes, food and an education, to help give them a dignified life. Our support, as modest as it is, means a lot to this organization and we hope you too can support our initiative. For further information about the work in Kinshasa, or to make an additional donation, you can consult the NGO website directly or ask us for more information.

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