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Spectacular collaboration between Figueras and the Milwaukee Bucks

Quite often we highlight in the S3 blog and Newsletter our customers’ most significant projects, especially if they include components our sourcing team has been working on in China. This time we can present a truly interesting project (with, yes, S3 components!), that has been designed, manufactured and installed by Figueras in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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The Milwaukee Bucks, the highly recognized NBA basketball team, asked Figueras last year to come up with an innovative solution for its players’ bench, comprising:

  • Height-adjustable seats
  • With heating in the seat and back surfaces


Players who are up to 2,15m tall need really high seats and especially value being able to take a break on seats that can be heated to 42º C!

On the link at the end of this article you can check out a FOX Sports contribution, explaining the major advancement this innovation implies. Results have been spectacular: the Milwaukee Bucks ended up as finalists of the 2019 NBA Championships! The whole story generated so much attention that the NBA champions, the Toronto Raptors, installed the same system last summer.

And, yes… if the champion and runner-up have it, the rest of the teams also want it: this year Figueras is planning on installing the same type of seats for the Indiana Pacers and the famousLA Lakers.

Source: Figueras