Consultancy and Training

The wealth of experience gathered over the years by the team of collaborators and associates at S³, allows clients to entrust their ambitious and complex internationalization projects to them.

These particular projects, are not strictly within the context of sourcing operations or agri-foodexport services.

Significantly and additionally, S³ offers a wide range of training services, both as in-company projects, and through collaboration projects with some of the leading universities and Business Schools in Europe and Asia.


Examples of activities analyzed, managed and/or implemented by S³ in Europe, Asia and Latin America include:



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The S³ training services are characterized – as in all company activities – by a high level of adaptability to customer requests.

For this reason, we sometimes offer ‘in-company’ type projects, whilst extensive collaborations are also offered with a group of highly recognized universities and business schools in Europe and Asia.

The training is adapted to the expectations of the institution, although due to the company’s expertise, the courses generally focus on the following areas:


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Tel.+44 (0) 20 3961 0055
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