In today’s highly competitive markets and in an increasingly globalized world, companies constantly face some very complex situations. In order to be more competitive and innovative, this has pushed many of them – to either thrive or to simply survive – to seek improved costs for raw materials, components, sub-components or finished products, to be more competitive and innovatives.

In response to these market demands, S³ Strategic Sourcing Solutions was founded in 2003, focused on the activity of ‘sourcing’, i.e. the search and selection of competitive Asian manufacturers, the management of product development projects and quality control inspections.

What do we do?

Supplier selection

We have a network of constantly expanding Asian manufacturers, offering extensive research and evaluation of suppliers from various sectors.
We also manage your network of suppliers, representatives and logistics partners in Asia.

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Product development

We manage complex on- site product development processes alongside the client and with Asian manufacturers, including:
Review of the original technical specifications
Training of technical teams in Asia
Production of prototypes
Validation of improvement proposals and modifications
Certifications and approvals


We have the operational capacity to manage inspections in all phases of the sourcing process.

S³ offers on-site quality control; within the factory during all manufacturing phases: prior to production, during production and before loading the goods.

Logistics management

We offer the integral management of the logistical needs of our clients: from door to door, through the contracting of primary services and with the most appropriate means of transport for each delivery.

The services in more detail

S³ has a network of Asian manufacturers in constant expansion, and offers an extensive research and evaluation of suppliers service from various sectors, for its customers.

In addition, S³ manages its network of suppliers, representatives and its logistics partners in Asia in order to offer the most competitive quotation and conditions to its customers. If the client wishes to visit the suppliers, S³ offers support during the meetings, in the translation of documents, in the negotiation, and advice on legal procedures.

There are many procedures related to the importation of goods from Asia. An error can cause considerable delays that can be very expensive. To avoid incidents, S³ offers its customers all the services needed for a complete sourcing operation.

In order to start the project correctly, S³ has an RFQ (Request for Quotation) form that, duly completed, will be the basis of an efficient supplier selection. You can request the form here.

S³ has the ability to manage complex product development processes on-site, alongside the customer and with Asian manufacturers:

  • Review of the original technical specifications.
  • Training of technical teams in Asia.
  • Prototype production.
  • Validation of improvement proposals and modifications.
  • Certifications and approvals.

S³ has the operational capacity to manage inspections at all stages of the sourcing process:

  • Previous audits of factories (productive and human resources, capacities, certifications…).
  • Quality control of the raw materials and validation of the first representative samples.
  • Quality assurance during production.
  • Quality control prior to shipment (ANSI-ASQ Z1.4 Standard).

To ensure the success of the sourcing process, it is crucial to have an operational quality control program. S³ offers on-site quality control; within the factory, prior to production, during production and before loading the goods.
Quality control is carried out by Asian technicians specialized in executing quality control programs, according to corresponding international standards.

The integral management offered by the S³ team is based on the same accumulated experience as in the other services provided, but with additional expertise in customer service specifically in international operations.

Most of the managed shipments are maritime, although logistics services are contracted through rail, land and air modes, when the particularity of the operation requires it.

Other services

In addition to the services of supplier selection, quality control and logistics management, and the complete execution of product development projects, S³ offers several additional options for its customers, including;

  • Provisioning Missions
  • Certificate Management
  • In-company training
  • Central purchasing management

If you are interested to know in more detail the different services offered by S³ in the field of sourcing, please contact us.

Do you want to manufacture in Asia?

S³ has an expert team in purchasing, manufacturing and quality management in both Spain and China.

The technical capacity to manage audits, product development and quality control.
An active presence in the main industrial regions: Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Beijing, Chongqing, and other parts of central China.

The S³ Industrial Sourcing Process ®

  • Consensus evaluation of the viability of the project

  • RFQ form: comprehensive product collection

  • Search and selection of suitable factories

  • Presentation of commercial budgets

  • Production and monitoring of initial samples

  • Serial production and corresponding quality controls

  • Logistics Management

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The keys to success in an industrial sourcing project are the experience provided by the management team and the rigorous selection, production, quality control and logistics procedures.

It is precisely this experience in a wide variety of projects that gives S³ its leading positioning the market. A selection of case studies and a summary of products whose production in Asia has been successfully managed by S³, is outlined here.

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