Celebrating 10 years of S3 Newsletters with a new online format!

Back in the first quarter of 2011, S3 was a very different company than the one we know today.

Apart from a modest sourcing activity, the original S3 (Strategic Sourcing Solutions) company had been developing a new service for a year; the export of food and beverage products from Europe to China.

And because there was an existing network of commercial agents in a dozen countries who needed to be informed of all the company’s news effectively, the first edition of the S3 Newsletter was published.

It started as an internal means of communication to transmit our news about our participation in conferences, sourcing projects, our export range and the network of agents just referred to.


In 2020, S3, now ‘Group’, is a group of companies, with a presence in Hong Kong, Shanghai, London and Barcelona, and a 5x higher turnover.

It is a group composed of a stable team, mainly focused on high value-added sourcing services, with product development, production supervision, quality control and comprehensive logistics, and it represents a competitive proposition in the sourcing market.