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Manufacturing injection moulds in China

Injection moulds have been central to the injection moulding industry, enabling the rapid and precise creation of plastic parts for a variety of applications; in fact, many of the products we see in our everyday lives – from toys to mobile phone cases – have been manufactured using this technique.

As with so many other products, when it comes to buying these moulds, China emerges as an undisputed leader in the global market and companies around the world choose the Asian Giant to get the best value for money.

But what exactly are injection moulds?

Injection moulds are specialised tools used in the injection moulding process. They are designed to produce plastic parts by injecting molten material into them, then cooling the material and finally removing the part. These moulds, usually made of steel or aluminium, are characterised by their durability, precision and ability to produce parts in large quantities.

Uses of injection moulds

As we saw in our article on importing industrial products from China, injection moulds have a wide range of applications in different sectors.

  • Automotive: Manufacture of internal and external components, from instrument panels to door liners.
  • Electronics: Creation of housings for mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices.
  • Medical: Production of medical devices, such as syringes and equipment components.
  • Packaging: Moulds for product packaging, lids, etc.
  • Toys: Toy parts, from action figures to construction set components.

Given their versatility, it is not surprising that the demand for high quality injection moulds is constant.

Chinese injection mould types and materials

The growing demand for these products has led Chinese manufacturers not only to gain experience in the field, but also to adapt to the quality standards that companies require, as orders for these products can be made of different materials and characteristics.

Among the most sought-after injection moulds are those made of steels – including stainless steel and carbon steel – aluminium and glass-fibre reinforced polymers. In terms of type, the options are varied, ranging from single-cavity to multi-cavity injection moulds, triplate moulds, sequential injection moulds, over-injection techniques, specific moulds for vertically oriented presses, and moulds adapted for hot, cold or mixed casting systems.

Subsequent mould filling also gives rise to a wide variety of combinations. The most frequently used injection moulding materials are polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, glass fibre reinforced and ABS, among others. The choice of filler material depends not only on the type of end product, but also on the properties required for the product (durability, water resistance, etc.).

3 reasons to buy injection moulds in China

The choice to buy injection moulds in China is based on a combination of factors that make China highly attractive to importers:

  1. Value for money: China has established its reputation for offering competitive prices without compromising on quality, especially compared to manufacturers in the West.
  2. High production capacity: Chinese factories possess advanced technology and capacity to handle large orders, which ensures timely delivery even for large-scale orders.
  3. Experience and specialisation: Decades of experience in injection mould manufacturing have led many Chinese manufacturers to specialise in specific niches, offering customised solutions to companies.
  4. Innovation: As China moves up the global value chain, its manufacturers are investing in R&D, ensuring that the moulds they produce are at the cutting edge of technology.

Do you need help in making moulds?

Buying injection moulds in China is not only an economical choice, but also a strategic decision for many companies looking for quality, efficiency and scalability. With a wide range of specialised manufacturers and a robust production infrastructure, China is positioned as the ideal destination for injection moulding needs.

To manufacture injection moulds in Asia, it is imperative to conduct proper research and possibly visit manufacturers before making a final decision to ensure success. For this reason, it is not just a matter of understanding the process, but having experience in this type of action, which our company has been doing for more than 15 years.

Beyond facilitating production and importation, we act as strategic consultants for our clients, offering a comprehensive sourcing service. We understand your vision, your goals and work in sync with you to ensure that your injection moulding production in China and Asia is not only successful, but also efficient and tailored to your needs.