Importing electronics from China to UK

Importing electronics from China; an option with great benefits

Importing electronics from China can be an excellent option, if carried out correctly. Products in this category are in high demand and with a good sourcing strategy, the profit margin can be significant.

Buying electronic goods in China obviously also has its risks. This type of product, because of its operation can be complex, and it is more likely to malfunction, entailing that a buyer may need to use the warranty. In this sense, on top of sourcing a good supplier that provides security in the quality of the products, another fundamental factor is that the brand has a customer support technical service. In fact, a good after-sales service is imperative for a company to differentiate its products from those of its competitors.

Despite the potential difficulties with electronics, the statistics are very clear. Telecommunications equipment in the UK,  including switches, telecom towers, fibre optic cables, routers, voice over internet protocol (VoIP), smartphones and smartwatches, account for 15% of all goods purchased in China. This makes it one of the most imported products from China.

As with other imports, selecting the right supplier is key to the import’s success. The particular characteristics of producing electronic products make it essential that the chosen manufacturer has specific expertise in electronics, in order to guarantee the functions, technical characteristics, compatibility and lifetime of the purchased items.

Certifications and quality controls on electronic products

As we have previously mentioned in our blog, certification of imported products from China is very important. They essentially ensure that they can be sold in the country of destination without any problems.

In the case of electronic products, additional certifications are often required thus effectively increasing their importance. Beyond the European CE label, electronic items purchased in China require a number of certifications depending on the exact type of product, and it is, therefore, important to verify their authenticity. The most common certifications are usually FCC for the United States and RoHS, Low Voltage Directive (LVD), EMC Class A, EMC Class B for Europe.

Alongside certification, electronic devices need stricter quality controls than other products. It is not the same to manufacture notebooks, vases or cardboard boxes whose functions & purpose have nothing in common, as technological products that have a sophisticated functioning from the moment they are turned on for the very first time. In order to avoid possible problems, voluntary and mandatory quality inspections are essential for this reason.

Hiring an import partner; the best option for buying electronics

As we have seen, importing electronic products from China can encounter a series of difficulties that, if not solved in a timely manner, can lead to major problems in both the short and medium term.

Having the support of an import partner to make this type of purchase, therefore, adds a certain peace of mind. This type of company offers a complete service package including the selection of specialised suppliers, quality controls, order tracking, transport management and customs, amongst other services.

Although some companies are initially reluctant to hire a purchasing consultancy service in order to avoid increasing the cost of importing, in most cases an import partner helps to avoid problems, which directly compensates for the additional expense.

With more than 15 years experience, we at S3 Group know that in order to import electronic products from China successfully, the task of an import partner is fundamental. Our job is to combat potential difficulties and turn importing into a simple and safe process for any company.