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Supplier Selection in China. What is it, and how do we do it?

In this article we will focus on supplier selection in China; one of the services most sought after by our customers and that often motivates them to consult us.

To set the scene and as we have already discussed in other articles, there are many advantages that make manufacturing in China a fantastic option. These include; the capacity for work and production, the choice of degree of quality of the final product, the reduction of costs thanks to the infrastructure of many companies and the workforce, and the excellent training, experience and specialization of workers in China. However, not all companies that produce in China work equally well, nor do they all offer the same guarantees and sincerity in their work.

What is Supplier Selection in China?

When we talk about suppliers in China, we mean any company that is going to carry out the manufacture of specific products for the company or that provides elements or components that it already manufactures. We also talk about suppliers as being industrial engineers, product design or those involved in some of the manufacturing processes. At S³ Group, we also carry out exhaustive controls in the factories of these suppliers in order to supervise the work, and oversee all the quality control and logistics.

Each business is unique and has different requirements. Therefore, supplier selection in China should be different in each unique case, as it takes into account the different business models of each individual company.

Supplier Selection in China

Manufacturing any product or component in China is possible with maximum guarantees,and quality and sincerity, but you have to know the market and suppliers well. This requires a specialized company or agent in sourcing in China who has the necessary local experience. This company will be in charge of finding the best supplier, generating the best relationships, negotiation and, if it is a good “fit”, monitoring it in the country.

Yes, it is a practical necessity and highly recommended to have someone specialized in sourcing in China if we want to avoid bad experiences. At S³ Group; specialists in supplier selection in China, we know hundreds of suppliers with whom we have already worked and in whom we have complete and total confidence. This not only reduces the search time, but guarantees excellent work. S3 has dedicated many years to it and we can ensure excellent relations and experience with them in very diverse sectors.

Characteristics of a good supplier in China?

  • Proven experience
  • Good quality training of its workers
  • Real production capacity
  • Competitive prices
  • Internal action resources
  • Quality in manufacturing
  • Sincere with agreed delivery times
  • Trusted company

How can a Sourcing company help me to select suppliers in China?

Thanks to the companies specialized in sourcing in China, you will have all the services you need, from search and negotiation with the most appropriate suppliers, to quality controls, logistics and shipments to the destination country of the final products.

One of the advantages we offer here at S³ Group compared to other sourcing companies, is flexibility with our customers. We have a large network of suppliers to manufacture new products and we also find any supplier of finished products in China. In each project we want to be your partner and we act as if we are simply another worker in your company, ensuring the best results and fighting for the same interests; profitability, quality and improvement of your products.

Sourcing companies such as S³ Group not only make the many tasks easier, but also allow them to be carried out as successfully as possible.

Do you have any questions about our sourcing and supplier selection services in China? Contact us obligation free