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Where can I buy the Saphir perfumes?

Well, we have heard that question many times, coming from the readers of the S3

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It is not really a surprise, since lately in practically every edition we have been mentioning the bottles, caps, sprayers and even samples of the Saphir perfumes, but we have never really said where you can buy the final product!

So, Saphir being an important customer of S3 Group, we thought it was worthwhile clarifying a bit this situation, as usual, with a couple of images.

Basically, the Saphir-branded products can be bought in two channels: pharmacies and retail. Here we can see a product display and advertising for the launch of new perfumes of the IAP Pharma brand.

On the other hand, with the Caravan brand (sponsor of the Real Zaragoza football team), Saphir is present at a number of Spanish retail chains, like Alcampo, Condis, Carrefour, Supermercados Mas, Dia, etc.

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industrial sourcing
industrial sourcing
industrial sourcing

Additionally, the company develops an endless range of personalized products for a variety of customers.

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