Why is training in international trade important?

Why is training in international trade important?

If we were to ask different people in the business world “why is training in international trade important?”, many of them would answer that “the internationalization of the company has ceased to be an option and has become a mandatory step in most businesses”.

And it is no wonder as, during the past years of crisis, internationalization was one of the solutions most often used by companies. It is an initiative that, in many cases, was the true salvation to moving forward.

Nowadays, after the “internationalize to survive” phase, companies have realized that international trade is truly profitable both in times of crisis and in more favorable stages. For this reason, there are many companies that decide to train members of their teams in international trade, not only to continue outsourcing their sales, but to do so in the best possible way.

But … what do we understand by international trade?

When we talk about international trade, we are referring to the movement (purchase-sale) of goods and services across countries (from outside the country of origin) and their respective markets.

International trade is subject to additional regulations that establish and must be understood and accepted by the parties involved in the transaction (ie, buyer and seller) and the governments of their countries of origin. So as to ensure there are no problems in matters such as taxes, which often increase the initial investment (or may decrease the profit), it is important to be knowledgeable about this subject.

In the 21st century, it is important to highlight that many of the companies that currently operate in the market would not exist without international trade.

What kind of training in international trade do I need?

It is (very) difficult to tell someone what training they need as it depends on many factors, including goals and expectations. While for some, a course is enough, other people benefit from studying a master with more hours.

However, here at S3 Group we are completely flexible and adapt the training we provide to what the company needs, the most common areas being; Marketing and international sales, Global sourcing and Emerging markets. We do not teach masters, but rather courses and seminars with a duration adapted to the needs of the students.

As trainers, our greatest added value is our experience not only in teaching, but in developing the work we explain. After more than 15 years working on internationalization projects, the most remarkable thing about our courses and training is that we go beyond theory, as our day to day is synonymous with international trade. Thanks to this, we can not only explain concepts, but show the reality of the possible problems that can be found and, of course, the solutions.

We conduct training both in company (mainly in small groups, with a high degree of specialization) and in collaboration with business schools and universities.

Our goal in providing training in international trade is that people who participate in our courses are able, at the end of it, to assume responsibility for the strategic decisions that internationalization processes entail (purchases and/or sales).

If you need more information about our training activities in international trade as well as in any of our specializations, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for more information.

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