It is now the moment to dedicate time and space to the two people who have facilitated the digital transformation of S3 Group, just as we have also done in the previous four Newsletters.

1. Elisabet Gómez, digital marketing consultant at S3

Eli Gomez is responsible for our company’s digital marketing. She is an expert in her field with over a dozen years’ experience.

Eli trained as a journalist at UAB and also completed a post-graduate degree in “Community Management” at EAE.

Apart from her free-lance activities including working with S3, she is a teacher at UOC and has an impressive blogging record which our readers can follow, among others, on LinkedIn.


2. Andrés Arianoff, manager at (2017-2020)

Although Eli Gomez manages, among others, our website and updates (see the next Newsletter for more information), Andrés Arianoff designed it at the end of 2019.

Andrés was the manager of a digital marketing consultancy which he left this year to take up the role of Marketing Manager for EFC Solar.

Academically, Andrés graduated from ESERP with a degree in Marketing and PR, that he subsequently supplemented with several other studies, both in Spain and abroad.