1. Machinery and technical equipment sourcing projects

Due to the difficulties of monitoring and after-sales service, S3 had never been strongly involved in sourcing projects for machinery and technical equipment over the years.

However, based on the professional strength of our team and the multitude of requests to buy industrial equipment in China, the last few months have been characterized by a wide variety of machinery sourcing projects. In fact, we have already reported on a production line for masks in the previous edition of our Newsletter.

As always, images speak more than a thousand words can and we invite our readers to contact us, if you are interested in any of the specific equipment or apparatus listed here.

a) Equipment for testing the friction coefficient

b) Respiratory resistance test equipment

c) Smoke detection equipment

d) Plastic shredding machinery

2. More sourcing related to COVID-19

As indicated in the previous editions of the Newsletter, it was initially not our intention to become excessively involved in the covid-19 protection materials market.

But we are continuing to do this and here is an example of proof by way of the production, inspection and delivery of a large batch of disposable and FFP2 masks for an important Catalan customer.

3. New production, inspection and delivery of a variety of products

Several of our readers have pointed out to us that they haven’t seen any news in a while about some of our most typical products in terms of production, inspection and delivery, so they wondered if this was due to a reduction in sales caused by the pandemic.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

To put it simply, the news about multiple products related to Covid-19 sourcing has motivated us to place more importance on the latter and less on our more ‘classic’ products.  We even have news for you about deliveries of new items for the S3 team.

Here is a visual summary of the main products of more recent months:

Decorative onyx boards

Fencing tools

Self-adhesive notepads

Promotional bags

Boards for lab work stations