A new internship student at S³

It is already widely known that we regularly invite students from international business schools to complete an internship in our Barcelona office. . Over the last few years we have been sharing their experiences in the company and we have explained how they have progressed in their respective professional careers after moving on from S³.

However, what we do not usually do is highlight a specific student for their great contribution to the activities of the company. But we make this exception for Chloé Sobraques!


Chloé Sobraques is a student in the Bachelor in Management program of the prestigious French business school, Toulouse Business School. By collaborating academically with TBS, specifically with the ‘Global Sourcing’ course, we have been able to identify Chloé as a student who is highly engaged in this subject and extremely motivated to develop her practices (mandatory in TBS) in the context of a sourcing company such as S³. Part of Chloé’s motivation and preparation comes from the business activity of her father, who has a bathroom import company, based in Perpignan, two hours from Barcelona.

Throughout her internship at the Barcelona office (which practically coincided with the second quarter of 2019), Chloé has supported a wide variety of sourcing-related projects, such as:

  • Preselection of suppliers for the used glass industry, light metal structures, specialized articles for the perfume industry, garbage cans for industrial use, foundry crucibles, etc.
  • Research of regulation rules for exports from China
  • And other support tasks.

We thank Chloé for her exceptional work and her excellent dedication. We wish her success in the continuation of her studies and at the beginning of her professional career!

Chloé Sobraques LinkedIn