Collective seating

S³ Sourcing were contacted by the world leader of collective seating in Asia, to carry out the complete production of metal structures for its renowned range of cinema seats. The project included the creative search for suppliers; since most manufacturers were not able to produce the requested units (the seat base and the internal structure) …

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Big Bags

The Spanish subsidiary of a major European distribution chain, focused on building materials for professional customers only, requested S³ Sourcing to assist the Purchasing department to source large quality woven bags for construction rubble. The main challenges include; tight cost control, quality standards compliance and logistics optimization.

Inflation pumps

A Spanish start up company in the consumer novelties industry counted on S³ to complete the outsourcing of a newly designed self-powered inflation pump, developed by one of the country’s prestigious industrial design companies. The main challenges include; Supplier research Material selection Continuous adaptation to product specification modifications during the sourcing process Product development Testing …

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Lightweight metal shelving

A domestic leader in the lightweight metal shelving industry requested S³ Sourcing to improve its cost structure and packaging for a wide range of shelving accessories. The product range includes; sets of nuts and bolts in multiple packaging options, reinforcement squares with a variety of finishing types, plastic injection supports in several sizes and colours, …

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Recycling bags

A major player in the garbage disposal industry invited S³ to handle the outsourcing of the development and production of a new range of recycling bags. The main challenges include: Creative supplier research Material selection and compatibility Print quality Order variety and continuous quality assurance

Home and Garden products

A European leader in the retail industry for Home and garden products selected S³ for the research and selection of new Asian suppliers for their Spanish subsidiary. The products include; foldable tables and benches, foldable picnic table kits, hand trolleys, garden hoses etc. The main challenges include; personalized packaging, tight cost control and logistical processes.

Warehousing and Stocking supplies

A major German player in the warehousing and stocking supplies industry called on S³ Sourcing for supplier search and selection in Asia, product and packaging development, as well as quality inspection for personalized aluminum box sets and other related products. The main challenges include; product finishing, high quality and cost control.

Welding guns

The domestic leader in the speciality welding gun(heating torch) industry, renowned for its state-of-the-art product range, counted on S³ Sourcing for supplier research and selection in Asia, product and packaging development as well as quality inspection. The main challenges include; highly demanding quality standards linked to tight safety regulations, a diversified product range, personalized packaging, …

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The domestic leader in intercom design and technology wanted S³ Sourcing to develop and manage the complete outsourcing of substantial parts of its renowned product range in China. The main challenges include; permanent cost control and improvement, the advanced plastic injection process, direct S³ involvement in the selection of component suppliers and continuous quality assurance …

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Laboratory equipment

A Spanish start up company in the laboratory equipment industry requested S³’s assistance in sourcing low cost materials at acceptable quality levels. After only a short time frame, the customer was able to position themselves as the domestic leader in the newly created low cost market of labware production. Products include, glassware, jointed glassware, metalware …

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