Progress in S3 UK’s positioning on the market

In the UK, S3UK continues to raise its profile. Following on from its membership of Silverstone Technology Cluster around the famous Grand Prix race track, it is now a member of both the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce, along with over 1,300 other businesses, and the Federation of Small Businesses, another extensive network of potential clients.

Adrian has also joined the prestigious Institute of Directors, in his own name on this occasion, but the IoD offers another network to raise the profile of the S3 brand as our UK Director.


The UK continues to be a market that is under lockdown, cautious and expectant following both Brexit and Covid-19. Larger manufacturers are generally doing well, although taking on few new commitments, but smaller businesses have cash flow issues. We have recently seen some interesting new leads though, some from start-up businesses, and despite negative publicity about China the expectation is that the Asian cost advantage is still of interest.


S3Uk Ltd is working with Beach Marketing, a B2B marketing agency, in a review of its social media profile and tactics, and will be creating a dedicated UK landing page targeted to UK purchasing and procurement managers, with some supporting activity on LinkedIn, so that as the country moves out of lockdown and picks up the UK’s Global Britain campaign, we expect to see a lot of interest in S3UK’s services.

Adrian is increasingly active within his regional business community, with the University and local civic authorities, and he and his colleague Prof Shaowei He at the University of Northampton’s China Centre are building strong civic and cultural links between the SE Midlands and key Chinese cities in order to promote and facilitate commercial and trading activity between them.

If you would like to know more, please contact Adrian via